Owen Larkin, the President & CEO of the Larkin Group, is a concept developer, master planner, and project manager with vision and wide-ranging experience.

In a more than 35-year career in commercial development, Larkin has participated in projects in the hospitality and real estate sectors as both partner and principal. He has a successful record with regulators and community leaders because of his background, objectivity, and commitment to execute a project as articulated.

Larkin has been involved in public/private partnerships for over 35 years, beginning while he attended MIT’s Sloan School of Business and later while serving as a Fellow at Harvard’s Center for Business and Government. From the master planning and real estate acquisition required for the “Megaplex”, a proposed combination of a convention center and sports stadium in Boston, to the master planning required for four different P3 initiatives for the Air Force, Larkin’s career has focused on large, innovative, mixed-use developments, often with a high barrier to entry.

Since 2012 Larkin has primarily focused on master planning and redevelopment of U.S. Air Force installations as Co-Managing Partner of Renuart & Larkin. R&L is a project management firm focusing on base redevelopment, and energy and infrastructure issues.

Larkin was part of the team, led by architect Gil Hanse, to present to the Rio 2016 Olympic Committee about environmental sustainability for the golf course to be built in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Larkin Group was chosen to be the Sustainability Managers for Hanse Golf Design on this historic project.

Earlier, as the Managing Partner and founding President of the Vineyard Golf Club, Larkin was responsible for managing the permitting, design, and construction of America’s most organic golf course and shepherding it through its first decade. His experience and credibility were crucial to getting the Vineyard Golf Club permitted on Martha’s Vineyard, arguably one of the strictest regulatory environment in the United States.