Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Renuart & Larkin have been working with Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) and Port Canaveral to maximize the efficiency of these two vital properties on Florida’s east coast.

With the lack of funds available for military construction under current budgetary restrictions, the Air Force must find new, innovative ways to keep their facilities up to date and technologically secure. R&L has brought together a team of rail and military development specialists to reposition this asset, benefitting the Air Force, the Navy and the Port, which is interested in increasing its cargo capabilities.

The Master Plan that Renuart & Larkin conceived of for CCAFS would involve constructing a 16-mile rail extension, to run from the Kennedy Space Center to Port Canaveral. The route under discussion would make a relatively short crossing of the Banana River (beside an existing bridge) and traverse the Air Force Station (near Phillips Parkway), offering the least environmental impact to the Banana River Lagoon and surrounding natural wildlife preserves.

General Renuart and Owen Larkin are acting as liaisons between the Air Force and the Port to attempt to open a route through the Base, that has historically been closed to commercial rail traffic. R&L has brought in GMA International and Rio Grande Pacific as their rail partners to help fulfill this vision.


Peterson Air Force Base

This Colorado base is the headquarters of Space Command, the nerve center of the United States Air Force Satellite and Missile Defense systems.

As communications move increasingly to the skies, the need for office space at Peterson Air Force Base is growing exponentially, and Renuart & Larkin are working on a master plan to provide the needed land for expansion. The key to unlocking the necessary acreage is moving the golf course, which is currently within the secure perimeter, to an off-base location.

The Master Plan that R & L conceived for Peterson AFB would entail building a new sustainable golf course and clubhouse, in close proximity to the Base. We have been working with City leaders, conservation trust officials and the owners of the Banning Lewis Ranch, an 18,000-acre ranch that has recently been purchased by a developer for housing, and have identified the specific parcel on which we will build the golf course.

A new, environmentally sustainable, golf course would utilize non-potable water. We are in discussions with Colorado Springs City officials to find ways to control storm water surges by capturing and using some of that water for irrigation on the site.

Upon completion of the new course, R&L proposes to develop the construction of up to one-and-a-half million square feet of new office space inside the secure fence to meet Space Command’s growing needs.

Peterson Rendering


Vandenberg Air Force Base

The Master Plan Renuart & Larkin devised for Vandenberg AFB, in Santa Barbara County, California, began when they asked us to develop more efficient ways to acquire irrigation water for a rebuild of the base’s golf course. In researching more efficient ways to get water to the course, we discovered that millions of gallons of water a year are wasted at Vandenberg due to their antiquated Base infrastructure.

To address this more pressing need, Renuart & Larkin devised a plan to rebuild Vandenberg’s underground water delivery systems. It also became obvious it would be necessary to rebuild their sewer system, which dates back to World War II.

To pay for the underground infrastructure, we needed above ground new build. Under Public/Private Partnership financing initiatives we would have been allowed to reallocate existing Operation & Maintenance dollars to finance this initiative. By utilizing existing O&M dollars we came up with a plan to build vitally needed, new office space, on their large, aging campus.

But in 2014, after nearly three years of work and planning, R & L came to the conclusion that the water situation in California was so grave, and getting worse on multiple levels, that the deal became unworkable. Thus we terminated our efforts to rebuild the golf course, which was the genesis of the entire project.