Vandenberg Air Force Base

After a multi-year effort, Renuart & Larkin and MLK Ventures are in the final stage of negotiation with the Air Force to enter a long-term lease for land on which to build several public golf courses. The Larkin Group is currently bringing this project through the regulatory environmental process. These spectacular courses will be open to the public and will offer greatly reduced rates to military personnel. 


Peterson Air Force Base

This Colorado base is the headquarters of Space Command, the nerve center of the United States Air Force Satellite and Missile Defense systems.

As communications move increasingly to the skies, the need for office space at Peterson Air Force Base is growing exponentially, and Renuart & Larkin are working on a master plan to provide the needed land for expansion. The key to unlocking the necessary acreage on the base is moving the golf course, which is currently within the secure perimeter, to an off-base location.

The Master Plan that R&L conceived for Peterson AFB would entail building a new sustainable golf course and clubhouse, in close proximity to the Base. We have been working with City leaders, conservation trust officials and the owners of the Banning Lewis Ranch, an 18,000-acre ranch that has been purchased by a developer for housing, and have identified the specific parcel on which we will build the golf course.

A new, environmentally sustainable golf course would utilize non-potable water. We are in discussions with Colorado Springs City officials to find ways to control stormwater surges by capturing and using some of that water for irrigation on the site.

Upon completion of the new course, R&L proposes to develop the construction of up to one-and-a-half million square feet of new office space inside the security fence to meet Space Command’s growing needs.

Peterson Rendering