Environmental Practices

Sustainability with Pragmatism

Environmental sustainability is not theoretical to us.  The core members of our team are environmental pioneers who’ve been involved in this work for two-plus decades. We’ve been in the field: researching, testing, refining methods, and creating new protocols. We work with universities and industry to find better products that will have less impact on the land. We are pragmatic environmentalists.

The Larkin Group’s management practices are a bellwether of environmental and regulatory practices. Our maintenance approach centers on conserving water and using little to no fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides. We’ve developed cultural protocols that are widely applicable and we’re constantly working to improve our methods.

Where appropriate, the Larkin Group will follow some of the protocols used at the Vineyard Golf Club on Martha’s Vineyard, where bio-stimulants and composted fertilizers are used in place of conventional pesticides. Controlled burns are used to kill weeds and make turf healthier. In fact, the Vineyard Golf Club is an ongoing beta test site for universities and industry as they search for new products that will lead to more natural turf growing procedures.

While the Larkin Group encourages these practices, we recognize there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will apply to every course. The turf selection and Best Management Practices for each project will be tied to the microclimate in which it’s located. We strive to achieve sustainability without compromising the playability of the course.

“The Vineyard Golf Club has become a Petri dish for alternative maintenance techniques. The staff at the VGC is now seen as environmental pioneers, with many in the golf industry examining their methods. The Club’s organic model could become the successful experiment that helps push thousands of courses toward using fewer pesticides, less water, and more natural grass growing procedures”.

– Bill Pennington New York Times Aug. 2010

“We regard it (the Vineyard Golf Club) as a great success story. It’s really a cooperative partnership between Sherriff’s Meadow and the Golf Club. We think it’s a model of sustainability.”

– Adam Moore, Ex. Dir. Sherriff’s Meadow Foundation