The Way We Look at Things

The Larkin Group team members are pragmatic environmentalists who see the need to balance the needs of the business, with the requirements of the game and the protection of the land. We also believe a golf course can be an integral component of the community in which it’s based, providing recreational opportunities as well as economic and environmental benefits.

Our environmental practices are cutting edge, and we use them to help owners stay ahead of the swiftly changing regulatory environment. We believe in being proactive, avoiding situations in which a course must react to new restrictions, which can be costly and difficult.

By employing Best Management Practices that we’ve developed through decades of research, we can help reach environmental goals without sacrificing the playability or beauty of the golf course. Our objective is to guide a course in using fewer or no pesticides and conserving water.

The Larkin Group’s guiding philosophy is “respect for the land-love of the game” and our stewardship bears that out.